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Spring Is In The Air!

Happy Monday! (Did I really just call Monday “happy”?!)

Our countdown to the last day of school is in full swing! Only 36 more school days, but who’s counting?!

To celebrate spring and the warmer weather that is gracing Ohio as of lately, we spent some time talking about gardening & planting seeds today. I use Unique Learning Systems in my classroom & this month’s unit is all about working together. It just so happened that one of the books was about working together in the garden! Perfect to read before planting some flowers, right?! There was also a science experiment in this month’s unit, so we spent a little time talking about the steps to planting our seeds.

An example of Unique’s step by step directions

After going over the steps to planting our seeds, we went around the table and took turns filling our cups with soil, choosing which flowers we wanted to grow, and making sure our soil had enough water!

I’m so excited for our flowers to grow over the coming weeks. I know my kiddos will really enjoy watching them grow once they start coming out of the soil. 🙂

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