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Using “WH” Question Mats to Target IEP Skills

I am always looking for products that can be used to meet a variety of IEP goals. When you have a lot of students with a huge range of goals, it can be tough to get materials for all of them on a limited budget. When I can make a product work for several skills, it’s a win in my book! That’s why I love these WH question mats. I have a couple of different ideas of how to use these in the classroom! 

WH Questions 

I originally designed these mats to work on WH questions. This is a fantastic resource if your students rely on visuals to answer questions. You can target who, what, where, when and why questions with these mats! Need help brainstorming questions to ask? I have you covered! Each scene comes with a corresponding card. The card has questions listed out to make it easier for you to know what to ask! 


Use these same cards to work on prepositional concepts! These are set up perfectly to work on concepts like above, below, next to and between. You can have students answer the questions vocally or with a device, or they can point to items on the board. You could also laminate the board or slip it in a sleeve and have them use a dry erase marker to label concepts. 


If you have a student working on labeling vocabulary, these mats can be used for that as well. Place the mat in front of the student, point to different items and have them label what they see. You can work on nouns, colors, sizes and many more concepts. With 39 unique boards, you have over 100 different pictures you can label in the scenes! With all four seasons covered, you can expand everyday vocabulary in a meaningful way!

Writing Prompt

These scenes work great as a writing prompt as well! A lot of our students struggle to generate ideas related to a prompt. Using visuals in the beginning can help them come up with ideas and write about what they see. No need to prepare a separate visual. Pull the same cards from your reading center and put them in the writer’s workshop as a ready-to-go resource!  

Bonus Idea – Matching Mats!

For this idea, print two copies of the mat. Laminate and add Velcro onto the pieces on the mat (the scarecrow, the wagon, etc). Cut out the matching pictures on the second mat, laminate and add Velcro. Now you have an easy matching scene that can be added to independent work!

This is truly a versatile, must-have product in any classroom! Grab them here:
Let’s Talk About It! – WH Question Mats: Rooms of a House
Let’s Talk About It! – WH Question Mats: Seasons Bundle

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