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3 Reasons to Teach Holidays Around the World

If you are anything like me, you probably love and dread teaching in December. I always loved it because it was full of holidays and fun activities. I also dreaded it because it could be chaotic and a real drag at the same time. Holidays Around the World is the perfect solution. It will help you tie everything together in a stress-free way! I have three reasons why you should consider Holidays Around the World as your theme for December. 


Celebrate Diversity in the Classroom


Our classrooms are filled with students from diverse backgrounds. Each has its own rich culture and family traditions to honor. Holidays Around the World allows all students to see themselves in the lessons. It gives students an opportunity to share about their own families and allows you to honor the different cultures that weave together to create your classroom. 


Tie Social Studies into Holiday Concepts


Finding time to fit in the curriculum is tough every month, but it can be more challenging if you have a seasonal theme you want to use as well. Holidays Around the World takes care of that problem. Each holiday has a historical component, tying it directly into social studies. Use the texts you explore as a nonfiction piece to tie comprehension in as well. You can hit multiple subjects and keep it seasonal for December. What could be better?


Plan an Entire Month at Once


We are so much more than teachers. We want the classroom to be fun but we want to celebrate the holidays with our own friends and families. Nobody should have to be up late December 21 preparing one more day of lessons before winter break. Holidays Around the World takes the stress out for you. Plan out your four weeks, prep your materials, and run your copies. Relax and know that your students are getting a well rounded holiday lesson throughout the month. 


Does this sound like the perfect plan for your classroom? I have the resources you need to pull it all together. Grab my Holidays Around the World Bundle. Eight holidays are highlighted: Christmas (Religious), Christmas (Non-Religious), Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, St. Lucia’s Day, Las Posadas, and Chinese New Year. The bundle comes with an adapted book for each holiday, leveled comprehension, vocabulary resources, file folders, print and go worksheets, and recipes and crafts to tie everything together. Prep this at the beginning of December and be ready for the rest of the month.


If you are still distance teaching, the digital version would work as well! You will get the same eight books with comprehension as Boom decks. The built in audio feature makes this a great choice for independent work. I love teaching about holidays and I hope these resources help you do the same!

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