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File Folder Frenzy!

Teaching in a moderate to intensive needs classroom, I obviously make quite a bit of what my kiddos do throughout the school day. Other than using ULS, News2You, & our PCI Reading Program, almost the rest of my daily curriculum is made by me & my paraprofessionals.

In our classroom, we use TEACCH work systems for my students to complete independent work time. All of their TEACCH bins are tasks that they have already been taught & have mastered. When I started at my new school this year, there were quite a few file folders already made, but lets just say they weren’t exactly the best “quality” file folders. In the last month or so, I have been copying file folder games and having my paraprofessionals put their top notch coloring skills to work! We have been coloring, cutting, gluing, & laminating these babies to get them ready for next school year. I recently ordered our own smaller laminator that can laminate the smaller file folder pieces to make them last much longer. Once this thing gets here, you better believe I will be carting that thing home and going to lamination heaven!! (Teachers understand, but everyone else would probably look at me like I’ve finally lost it…)

Anyways, other than preparing these file folders by coloring & cutting, I have also been working on some already colorful file folder tasks on my laptop! I recently made a whole “spring themed” file folder set for my TPT! I might just have to bite the bullet and send the smaller pieces to the school laminator, I want to use these before the year ends! Check it out 🙂

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