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Work Task Boxes for the Self Contained Classroom

Hopefully this blog post is finding you on summer break – or near the end of your year!

I have been working on some new work tasks for my ABA clients and wanted to share them with you all. All of the materials were either recycled from my home or purchased at Dollar Tree & a local craft store! All of them are SUPER cheap to put together – and I am loving them!

For this alphabet sorting box I just used an old shoebox, cut up an old Amazon box to create little “walls” inside the box, and used some alphabet foam stickers that I found at a local craft shop for super cheap. Your students would just sort the letters & you can check it later for accuracy! I love this one because you can make it harder or easier, you don’t need to do 8 letter like me! You could even do an errorless alphabet put in task and switch out the letter every so often!

For this shape sorting task, I used a big plastic ziplock container I had laying around, created dividers with an old Amazon box, and then cut some slits in the top with a box cutter. I picked up these foam shapes at a local craft store for cheap! I hot glued the shapes I wanted to be sorted on the top and then added a bunch of those foam shapes in for sorting!

This color sort task was SUPER cheap to make. These checker pieces are way bigger than your average pieces and I got them at Dollar Tree in a checker game! I hot glued a red and black one into this old plastic container I never use and it makes for a great sorting task!

This number sorting task was also done VERY cheap. I found these wooden numbers at Dollar tree! The packs have 2 of each number in them, so I grabbed two packs. All I did was use an old box, hot glue down a number, and actually used hot glue for the “dividers”. I colored it with purple sharpie after it dried to make it more noticeable! Your students will then sort the extra wooden numbers, perfect for our kids who are working on number identification!

Ok – don’t laugh at me here. I couldn’t get the Panera sticker off and gave up LOL. For this one I grabbed these foam blocks from Dollar Tree, cleaned out an old soup container, and used a box cutter to cut an X into the lid of the container. I used some tape just to keep fingers from getting hurt by rough edges! Perfect put in task to work on independence and fine motor skills. I made the X pretty small so that it’s harder to push the blocks through!

This task definitely shouldn’t be used if you have kids who mouth things. I picked up these wooden beads at Dollar Tree & rinsed out a coffee creamer contained for a simple put in task. The beads are pretty small so they take more fine motor effort to pick up! You could also use wooden popsicle sticks for this if you have students who like to eat things.

For this put in task, I just used an old wipes container and some pom balls from Dollar Tree. Your student will just push them through the opening in the container!
I used some more pom balls, a set of big “tweezers” I found at Dollar Tree, and an old plastic container from my house for this task. I have this so students would just transfer the pom balls from one side of the container to the other with the tweezers. Bigger pom balls would make this a little easier!
Hopefully this post gave you some new task box ideas that you can create for CHEAP this summer! What are some of your favorite work task boxes?!

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