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Favorite Toys for the Classroom

I was always looking for toys for my elementary classroom that would be beneficial for my students and their developing social skills. I’ve found 8 fun and affordable toys just for you on Amazon for your classroom! Just click an image to check them out!

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click and end up purchasing, you pay no extra cost, but I earn a small fee for referring you.

This cooking set is a great way for students to practice their social skills by playing together, asking others what they want to eat, serving food, etc.!

I love this cash register for pretend play for a grocery store, restaurant, or whatever your students decide. It’s also a great resource for math instruction for sorting coins/bills, rounding to the next dollar, identifying coins/bills, calculator use, etc.

This food set is sure to hold up over years of use and is another multi purpose buy! It can be used alongside the cooking set or cash register, can be used for food sorting during nutrition lessons, or just be used on its own by students looking to play restaurant!

This ice cream counter is an adorable addition to a play “food cart” or restaurant where students can work on their social skills ordering and serving ice cream to one another. It would be great paired with the cash register to pay and collect money as well!

These magnet tiles are SO fun for kids and are a great way for students to work on working as a team and sharing. Bonus: you also use fine motor skills to build with these!

I love Melissa and Doug because their toys are great quality and last a long time. This fold and go barn is a fun activity for animal loving kids to use their imagination, share, and play side by side. It is also a fun way for students to work on their speech by identifying animals and their sounds!

Taking turns is a huge social skill we worked on in my elementary classroom, and this is one of my favorite games to practice doing so! Connect Four can sometimes be a tough concept, so sometimes just strictly took turns putting our color in vs. getting four in a row.

Jenga is another great game to practice taking turns! Students LOVE to see this thing fall over, and it is also a great way to practice fine motor skills.

What are some of your favorite classroom toys? Let us know in the comments! If you’re interested in checking out some of my other favorites, check out my Amazon Store Front. Inside you’ll find some of my favorite academic resources, SPED prep must haves, classroom favorites, autism books, and more! 

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