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Errorless Learning in the Special Education Classroom

I’m here today to talk to you about errorless learning – what it is – & why I think it’s important!

What is errorless learning? It is exactly what it sounds like! Errorless learning is when you give a student a task where they CAN NOT get an answer wrong. Each answer is the same – such as the student would match all of the circles (& there won’t be any other shapes!). All of the responses need to be the same for it to be truly be errorless.

Why should I use errorless learning in my classroom? Where do I even begin?! Errorless learning is a great way to introduce a new skill. Just recently, I created some errorless alphabet tasks and they have helped one of my clients SO much with identifying her letters! She loves being able to correctly match her letters and after she matches each one, we say the letter out loud together! The biggest reason I like to use errorless learning is to create independence in ALL of our learners. Independence is one of the most important life skills as we get older, and we need to be teaching our students to be independent as well! If you have learners who are not yet correctly identifying things like colors, shapes, letters, etc. – this is a GREAT way to get them working independently and doing the work correctlyON THEIR OWN!

So what kinds of errorless learning materials could you be using with your students? I’ve got you covered!

I created these Errorless Number Worksheets and Errorless Number Tasks to work on numbers one at a time for 1-20 with one of my clients. They are SO cute – little to no prep – and seriously have been working at getting her to learn her numbers!

I also created these Errorless Alphabet Worksheets and Errorless Alphabet Tasks for the same client. The worksheets are print & go and although the tasks CAN be turned into file folders, I just laminated them as boards and am storing them in a 3 ring binder! There are both upper and lowercase tasks for each letter, so you could even mix the upper/lowercase to work on errorless uppercase to lowercase matching!

These Errorless Seasonal Scenes are the PERFECT filler for independent work bins! Just put one mat in a bin with the pieces, and students just put the pictures on the velcro dots. There are no wrong answers and they will love the pictures.

This Errorless Color File Folders & Worksheets product is MASSIVE. There are coloring sheets, bingo dauber pages, and file folders for alllll the colors. It’s a great way to introduce just ONE color at a time.

The Errorless Shape File Folders & Worksheets are the same as the colors set – but with shapes! So many opportunities to learn a shape one at a time and to increase independence.

Are you looking for another type of errorless learning? If so – let me know in the comments below! I am happy to create more materials to help boost your students knowledge of skills AND their independence!!

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