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Real Photos Special Education Behavior Starter Pack

Let’s talk about visual behavior supports. Before anything else, this is the number one thing I recommend to any new self-contained teacher. Regardless of your classroom’s ages, grades and needs, every classroom needs visuals and this is always a great choice to prep ahead of time if you are not really sure what you need.

What are Visual Supports?

Visual supports can be applied to the whole classroom or customized for individual student needs! A couple of examples of visual supports include: 

  • Classroom rule posters to help explicitly lay out the expectations of the classroom
  • First/then and “I am working for” boards help individual students understand the expectations and what they are working for
  • Visual cues on a ring make it easy to discreetly remind students of expectations in the classroom 
  • Behavior logs allow you to easily share information with parents

This pack includes a huge range of resources, including editable versions for even more customization! The best thing about this product? It is real photos – making appropriate for students of all ages! 

Why Use Real Photo?

The benefit of real photos is that it allows students to generalize the skills to their surroundings. While clipart images can get the job done, real photos allow your students to see themselves in the visuals and better understand them as they navigate the classroom. 

This product also maps out the resources you will need to make your classroom a success. If you know that your classroom needs visuals but you are not sure where to start, prep a couple of things from this pack and test them with your students. Once you find what works, you can customize the products for individual students. This pack is a must-buy for any teacher. You can grab it here!

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