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Data, Data, & More Data!

Happy August! Back to school is right around the corner, so I wanted to stop by the blog really quick and give you guys an inside look at how I take data!

Data…who likes to actually take data?! (Actually I don’t know if it’s the taking of data, more so just making the data sheets!)

I like to keep my student’s data sheets separate. For each student, I have a separate binder with all of their data sheets inside so that my paras or I can just grab it quickly and use it. I store all of their binders in one spot, specifically right by where I typically do 1:1 work so that I have no excuse to not take data!

Inside each of the data notebooks for my students, I have simple, easy to understand data sheets that are specific to each of their IEP goals. These are some of the IEP specific data sheets I use in their binders from year to year:

As you can see, I try to keep my data sheets as simple as possible. Who has time to take crazy, detailed data?! Not this girl. It also makes it VERY easy for my aides to do. Almost all of my data sheets they just mark + for a correct answer, and a – for an incorrect answer (they also know to write in NA for no response from the student). By the time IEP progress reports come up, I have MORE than enough data to write my progress notes!

In these student IEP data binders, I do not typically keep behavior data sheets inside. If I have a behavior that I’m tracking, I will usually put it on a clipboard and either velcro that clipboard up somewhere for easy marking, or keep the clipboard in a main area for people to grab, mark, and go.

If you’re interested in grabbing the data sheets above (completely editable!) for the upcoming school year, you can grab them HERE! (There is also an IEP goal bank included…YAY!)

Are there any other quick & easy ways YOU like to take data?!

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