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Introducing: Intermediate File Folders for Special Education!

I wanted to stop in today to give you guys a peek inside my newest growing bundle! I am SO excited about these brand new file folders, I can barely contain myself!!

If you’ve been around for a while, you know my relationship with file folders. Let’s just say it’s getting pretty serious. 😉 File folders keep things interactive for our non writers (or those who just hate writing!), are way more fun for our students than a worksheet, and can be used in 1 on 1 work, independent work, or even sent home as homework! They are so versatile and needless to say, I LOVE them.

Two years ago I created a file folder bundle for the entire year. I needed something that wouldn’t bore my students with the same old pictures every day, but would still give me the same tasks to work on with my students over the course of the year. Many of my kiddos take months to master a skill, so I don’t want them to get tired of using the same old stuff to learn a skill!

I truly use those file folders EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. They have been a total lifesaver. The only problem? They were missing some higher level skills that I sometimes reach in elementary! So what did I do? Started a higher level file folder bundle for the year, of course!

Not going to lie, I’m pretty obsessed with these. There are so many other skills that I didn’t include in my other bundle, and I am loving it! Want to check them out? You can find the Intermediate Apple File Folders HERE!

Do you use file folders in your classroom? What are some of your most needed skills?!

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