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Favorite FREE Websites for Special Educators

It’s no secret that teachers aren’t in it for the money. OR that teachers spend a LOT of their own money on things for the classroom (can we say Target and TpT?!?). Because of this, I wanted to share some awesome FREE websites/resources that you can use with your students! Don’t be shy – feel free to add your favorite free websites in the comments for others to use!!!

1. Starfall

Not only do we use the Starfall calendar DAILY, but did you know that the website also has TONS of FREE downloadable worksheets?! ELA, Math, Writing…you name it, it might be there! In the past I have actually printed sets of the ABC Printouts and Learn to Read Worksheets and bound them for my kiddos for the year.

2. That Quiz

That Quiz was introduced to me a few years ago by one of our 1st grade teachers that used it during Math centers. It’s nothing fancy or cute, but oh my goodness do I love it! I’ve used it with my computer savvy kiddos in the past for things like addition, subtraction, telling time, filling in the missing number, and more! You can give them a certain number of questions and some skills have various “levels” for the specific skill. The best part? When your students are done it will tell you how long it took them AND how many they got correct/incorrect!

3. Epic! Books

Epic! is actually an app for the iPad where educators can get FREE access to thousands of books, learning videos, quizzes & more for their students! How cool is THAT?!

4. Do2Learn

Do2Learn has a variety of free downloadable resources from Literacy to Math to Picture Card pieces. Spend some time digging through the website to check out what is available!

5. Boardmaker Online

Obviously this one has a few strings attached (you have to have Boardmaker to download the boards from the website and open them up!) but if you have a Boardmaker disc, this is an AMAZING resource. Basically, other educators upload their creations onto the free portal to share with others! I actually just used it this week to find a social story about biting and coming in from recess, rather than having to make them myself! SO easy and such a timesaver!

6. Paul V. Sherlock Center Adapted Literature Library

This adapted book library is AMAZING. You can go here and look through all their adapted books (I like to sort by grade level to find books for my littles!) and easily download the PDF of them! The downloads are the actual book with picture symbols and words to go along with each page. I haven’t tried going to the website on an iPad yet and read from there, but I imagine you could do that to save paper and ink!

7. PreK Miami Dade School Boardmaker Resources

I have no idea how I stumbled upon this resource library, but it’s pretty cool! Again, you’re going to need a Boardmaker disc to download these freebies but there are tons of different downloadable resources to choose from!

8. Tar Heel Reader

This was introduced to me when I taught in North Carolina for 2 years. Basically, there is a library of “books” that other people have written for their students with real pictures and words. You can browse their books that have already been created, OR you can create an account and write your own books for your students! This is awesome for those kiddos who have things that they REALLY love, what a great reinforcer!

I know there are TONS of other great free websites, resources, or apps out there that I’m missing! Please leave your favorites in the comments below!:)

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