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How to use Errorless Learning in a Distance Setting

Errorless learning is an evidence-based strategy that can be used in a variety of ways. This instructional strategy is designed to prevent incorrect responses. Errorless learning is a proven strategy effective in teaching discrimination skills. More simply, it allows students to build confidence and endurance during work. Errorless learning is one of my favorite tools to use!


Ways to Use Errorless Learning


I have two main ways I recommend using errorless learning in the classroom. I use it to help teach academic concepts and as independent work. Using errorless learning during academic concepts is a great way to build a bridge for students. Social studies concepts can be really abstract. Embedding errorless learning into your lessons in the form of comprehension questions and writing can help ensure your students acquire the lesson.


Errorless learning can also be used for independent work. Being able to work independently is a crucial life skill for our students, but if they are not able to complete matching, sorting and other tasks independently, you might be stuck on where to start. Try errorless learning! This is also a great solution in a distance learning setting. If you cannot give students access to other hands-on activities like put-in tasks, errorless Boom decks can be a way to fill the gap!


Errorless Learning on the Computer


Distance teaching has brought challenges on both the educator side and student side. We might discover our students are not proficient in using technology, especially if they don’t have prior access or interest in an iPad or computer. Errorless learning is perfect for this! Students can learn to use a mouse or use their finger to select items, click and drag and manipulate objects on the screen. The errorless component will help ensure success as students learn basic computer skills!


If you are ready to try errorless learning in your classroom, I have a ton of resources to choose from! From file folders and scenes to worksheets and digital activities, I have everything you need! Try out this free set of Christmas scenes to get started!

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