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Using the Dollar Up Method in Special Education

Happy Sunday, friends!

Do you use the dollar up method in your classroom? I just recently created some dollar up resources that are a great way to work on paying for items by rounding up to the next dollar!

I know that in a special education setting, differentiated and interactive activities are a MUST! Because of this, I included adapted books, file folders, differentiated worksheets, and interactive task cards. The task cards are a great way to use real dollar bills and practice paying for items with the dollar up method!

I’ve included 2 adapted books to make doing math work a little more fun for our kiddos. Each book has 10 different totals to use the dollar up method to find the cost!

There are 4 file folders included to use in independent work settings, 1:1 work, morning work, etc.! I love using file folders when a student has mastered a skill to keep them working on the specific skill.

Included are also 30 worksheets with 2 differentiated levels. There are lower level options with multiple choice answers where your students can just circle the correct answer. This is perfect for non-writers!

I LOVE these task cards. There are 40 task cards included. Your student could just tell you how much money they would pay with, however I would use these with real dollar bills and have them pay for the item.

I created a FREE dollar up poster that you can download and use when teaching this skill to your students. Click HERE to grab it!

Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday and a great week ahead!

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