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States of Matter Activities for Special Education




This digital download contains many different adapted and differentiated activities to use while teaching your students with special needs about states of matter!

In this resource:

  • Count It Out Adapted Book 1-10
  • States of Matter Adapted Book
  • Vocabulary Cards
  • Vocabulary Posters with Real Photos
  • Whole Group Solids/Liquids/Gases Sort
  • Circle the Matching Picture Worksheets
  • Cut/Glue Matching Picture Worksheets
  • Trace the Lines Worksheets
  • Trace the Vocabulary Words Worksheets
  • Trace the Sentence Pages
  • Write the Sentence Pages
  • Counting 1-10 Worksheets
  • Finish the Pattern Worksheet
  • More/Less Worksheets
  • Graphing Worksheet
  • Addition/Subtraction Worksheets
  • Solid/Liquid/Gas Cut & Sort Worksheets
  • Color/Circle the Solid/Liquid/Gas Pictures Worksheets
  • Match Picture to Definition Worksheet
  • States of Matter Bingo Game
  • “States of Matter” Color & Trace Printable Book
  • States of Matter Assessment Sheet

This resource is for single classroom use only.


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States of Matter Activities for Special Education