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Geography Activities for Special Education




This digital download contains many different activities to use while teaching your students about geography and maps!

Inside this resource:

  • 4 circle the matching picture worksheets
  • 4 trace the vocabulary word worksheets
  • 4 write the vocabulary word to match the picture worksheets (with word bank)
  • 2 cut out the words and match to the picture worksheets
  • 2 circle the correct word to match the picture worksheets (with an array of 3 words)
  • 2 draw a line to match the word to the picture worksheets
  • 15 “I Have, Who Has?” game cards
  • 16 vocabulary definition cards
  • 1 write your city, state, and country worksheet
  • 10 bingo cards with 21 calling cards
  • 1 “All About Landforms” book

Vocabulary: pond, river, lake, ocean, beach, island, mountain, volcano, desert, road, city, capital, state, country, continent, map, compass, north, south, east, west

This resource is for single classroom use only.


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Geography Activities for Special Education