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Our Favorite Put In Task Boxes

This school year I transitioned to a K/1 intensive needs classroom. We are doing a lot of working on attending to a simple task, sitting in our chairs, working independently, etc. What better way to work on these skills with some easy task boxes?! I thought I’d share some of our favorite task boxes this school year! Hopefully this gives you some good ideas to use with your students!

This one I just cut a slit in a plastic coffee can and used some cute seasonal foam shapes from the Target dollar spot!

This task box I just recycled an old shoe box, cut a slit (that is ever growing due to little fingers!), and cut a circle to place a plastic cup in. Filled the cup with plastic coins and my students put the coins through the slot!

My students love this one! Just cut a little slit in this old coffee can and velcro’d some spare colorful buttons all around the sides for students to pull off and put in!

For this task box we just recycled an old baby wipes case and some big pom balls to push through the opening!

I love this one because we’ll be able to change it monthly with Target and Dollar Tree seasonal erasers! Just recycled this old coffee can, cut a slit big enough to fit the erasers, and voila!

This one I actually borrowed from our 2/3 intensive needs teacher. I used our whole Uno deck because I needed a lot of cards to keep the little hands busy and we aren’t playing any Uno in our classroom right now! 🙂 I love that she duck taped it to make sure it didn’t get ruined!

This task box is (yet another) recycled coffee can (we like coffee, obviously!) where students push these target balls through the hole I cut!

Lastly, this recycled shoe box with slits cut in it with little plastic sticks (that I have NO clue what they are/where they came from!). I had to put clear tape around the end holes because my little guys figured out how to shove them all through the hole at once, haha!

These are all easy, cheap, and mostly recycled ideas that you can easily make with things around your classroom or house! What are some of your favorite go-tos?! We can never have TOO many task boxes!!

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