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Differentiated Autumn Language Arts Worksheets for Special Education

As a former special education teacher, I always had a hard time finding worksheets that fit my students needs and that I could use with more than one student in my classroom. Often times, our students have very different goals, so purchasing a set of worksheets on JUST letter matching was great for one student, but didn’t help me with the other seven. This is exactly why I created the monthly ELA packs a few years ago!

When I created this set of autumn themed ELA worksheets, I wanted to be sure to add in a variety of elementary language arts skills and differentiate some of the skills so that writers & non-writers could complete the worksheets. These are great for homework, one on one work, adapted work to take into inclusion, or even morning work. But my favorite part? There is NO prep and NO color ink necessary! As special educators, we have enough prep to do, so I wanted to make this easy to print and use!

There are a variety of uppercase to uppercase match AND uppercase to lowercase match for those students who are working on one or the other! The cut and paste option makes it great for non-writers, even if they are unable to cut, because you can cut for them and they can glue the letters in the correct spots.

Included are some fill in the missing letter worksheets for upper and lowercase, taking the letter identification goals up a notch!

In the set of worksheets there are some writing worksheets for writing the beginning letter sound, along with writing the full word that goes with each photo. Great for beginning sounds, letter formation, and writing goals!

Punctuation is SUCH a tricky skill for our students to grasp. I loved using this with some of my older students that had moved past some of the basic ELA skills.

For my beginning readers, I loved these CVC word to picture match worksheets. There are a few included for a variety of CVC words.

I think one of my favorite worksheets in the entire pack are the word family sorts. There are a variety of word family sorts for your students who are starting to read.

In this product, you will find all of the following ELA topics:

  • Match the letters (upper to upper, lower to upper)
  • Fill in the missing letters
  • ABC order (upper and lowercase)
  • Write the beginning sound
  • Write the word
  • Beginning sounds
  • Sort by word family (at, an, am, ap, en, et, in, ip, op, to, ug, un)
  • Count the syllables
  • Rhyming match
  • CVC word match to picture
  • Singular/Plural Sort
  • Punctuation

If you’d like to check out a free version, you can download the Zoo Animal ELA Freebie to see if these worksheets would work for your students!

Like what you see and want to save it for later? Don’t forget to pin it with the image below! Or you can grab the September ELA Worksheets right now!

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