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3 Ways to Use Science File Folders

If you work in a self-contained classroom, you know how hard it is to fit everything in. Science instruction is important, but between a busy classroom schedule and materials that are too challenging, it can be difficult to fit it in. My Science File Folder Activities for Special Education is the perfect solution! You will get 19 different activities covering a variety of concepts aligned to K-5 science standards. I have three ways to integrate these activities into your classroom!

Content Instruction

Use these file folders as part of your direct content instruction. These are a great option during whole group or small group science or social studies lessons to make the content more engaging. Whether you are working on weather, landforms, life cycles or the solar system I have a file folder you can use in your instruction. If you are not sure where to go with your content instruction, use these as a guide to plan your lessons. You can map out science for the whole year using the file folders as a base! 

Small Group Review 

Teaching assistants can be a great tool to use when breaking up your content lesson. If you are not sure how to utilize them, try having them use these file folders for small group review. You could have the assistant use the file folder as a pre-teaching method, or use it for review after the lesson. Once you figure out the support that helps your students master the content, your assistant can help facilitate that for them with this easy-to-use resource! 

Independent Work

Independent work is an important staple in every classroom, but using the same matching file folders over and over again can get repetitive. These file folders work on the same skills that you would traditionally see in independent work stations, but it adds a nice variety to keep your students engaged in their work!

This will also help carryover the concepts into everyday life. For example, weather is a science unit but understanding weather and how to dress for it is an essential daily living skill. After completing the science unit in your content lesson, embed the corresponding file folder into your independent work rotation to keep the concepts in your student’s repertoire! 

If these file folders sound like a good fit for your classroom, you can grab them here!

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