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Top 10 Sensory Must-Haves from Amazon

When working with children with special needs, we often find that we need different types of sensory materials to help with sensory processing needs or classroom behaviors. I’ve put together a list of my top ten sensory favorites – all from Amazon! Many of these we used daily in my classroom!

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This Sensory Chew Necklace is perfect for both girls and boys and who doesn’t love Lego blocks?! A few years ago, I had a student who had a sensory need to be chewing on things. Chewy Q’s, P’s, & T’s  would get thrown on the ground or lost, so the student’s mom sent her in with some chewelry. Mind. Blown. At the time, I didn’t even know this was a thing! After this, I bought a few different types and goodness did we love them.

Noise Cancelling Headphones were always a staple in my classroom. We used them during field trips, assemblies, PE class, in the lunch room – basically anywhere that students needed them! This pair is very affordable and comes in a few different colors!

Theraputty is probably one of my favorite sensory items for students who need some kind of fidget or something to “work” with their hands. I purchased this set years ago off Amazon and I still use them today in ABA therapy! Each color is a different “difficulty” – some being super easy to handle and then other colors get more difficult for your students with stronger fine motor skills. Throw a few wooden beads inside the putty to give students a little extra something in the putty. (My students would have to get out all of the beads, which can be hard with the more difficult putty!)

Sensory Brushes are a great option for students who are sensory seeking and enjoy things like deep pressure and joint compressions. These can help with focus, self-control, among many other things. I had a few students who really enjoyed brushing and helped them calm their bodies. However if a student doesn’t like it, don’t use these on them!

I love a good Body Sock for those kiddos who need extra proprioceptive and deep pressure input. One of my former students used to wrap himself in our body sock and lay down and look at books to help calm himself. This body sock is very reasonably priced!

Weighted Vest is another great option for students who need deep pressure to help calm them and self-regulate their bodies. Weighted vests are always a great option for overwhelming environments such as assemblies, the lunch room, etc. Always be sure to check with your OT before using a weighted vest to be sure you are using the correct weight for your student!

Weight Lap Pad is a great option for students who don’t want to wear a vest but can handle something weighted on their lap. I LOVE this one because of the tactile bumps on top of the pad which just adds an extra sensory fidget for your students! These are great for kiddos who are always squirming in their seats, need some added deep pressure, or needs some help focusing.

Is it taking it too far if I says that Kinetic Sand is life changing? Yes? Ok. Well – I love kinetic sand. I don’t mind play-doh, but honestly that stuff gets under your nails and in the carpet and it kind of drives me crazy. My students LOVED when I’d bring out the kinetic sand. I use this often now in ABA therapy in between work tasks to give my clients a little sensory break. This bag is sure to last you a while too!

Water Beads are truly one of my favorite things…ever. I love making different sensory bins with water beads, just throw in some plastic ocean animal toys, dinosaur toys, whatever your students like! I’ve found that these last me a few weeks and then they start to stink and I have to make a new set. However, they’re super cheap (a little bit goes a long way, trust me!) and your kids are sure to LOVE them!

Fidget Pop Tubes are just a fun, cheap fidget that ALL of my students really enjoyed. This definitely isn’t something to be used in the middle of a work session (they make some noise!) but is great for a break time in between tasks!

I could go on about different sensory tools for days. There are so many fun options out there! Is there something I missed on this list that you LOVE to use in your classroom? Let me know in the comments, I am always looking for more resources and ideas to use with my clients!

If you’re interested in checking out some of my other favorites, check out my Amazon Store Front. Inside you’ll find some of my favorite academic resources, SPED prep must haves, classroom favorites, autism books, and more! 

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